Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Going racing again zack zack:))

Having spent the summer in reeducation centers, in the hands of physios, rolling around with and over swissballs, relearning to stand on my left leg, spending hours in extension and understanding what it means to be PATIENT, it is now a true pleasure to take the plane to Lanzarote and race together with Catherine Pourre and Benoit Hochard on the Mach40 EÄRENDIL (Manuard 2015) to Grenada.
My bag is truly lighter than the one I took for the Transat bakerly and we are all looking forward to surf across the Atlantic in shorts instead of beating in 3-layer-marshmallow-costumes.


How we doing against the others you can find out here:

Sunday, 31 July 2016

My race.

Finally a resume of the race which is one of my biggest achievements in my life so far (beside getting my driving license, managing to finish school without getting fired and receiving my lawyers qualification some years later).
I'll be unable to repeat all moments of joy, pain, happiness or fear and I think those stories are globally boring.
Most important is that I did it. Even though with a 4th reef during the last 10 days (mainsail break through), without wind instruments for 10 days, without AIS during 10 days, with a very basic pilot and with a very broken back during the entire race which took me 21 days. And even this is nothing extraordinary - every boat and seaman arriving to New York was damaged.
Nobody can't take this experience ever ever away from me and I'm incredibly thankful that this opportunity has been given to me.

I'll now recover from my back surgery and be back on track soon:)

Sunday, 6 March 2016


A fast delivery of 8 days and some nights of sleep later the boat and me are happy to be back home!
The passage helped to train in fake-solo mode and the strong wind gave a good impression of what needs to be replaced.
We are full on - the first training session with Guru Tanguy Leglation will happen tomorrow - looking forward to testing some new sails:))

Buddy la grande Julie close to Cabo de Gata

My new compass for happy bearings;))


I don't know WHAT and HOW if have done without the Magic URSUIT before!!!! 

Arriving to the right sea!

New square meters:)))

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Chasing the window

The winter is over - almost!! And even though the boat didn't get too cold in Palma we can't wait to get home to Lorient and start to preparing the season.
I'm sitting at the airport in Nantes, my flight to Palma is going in 20 minutes:)
It took a while to time the upcoming delivery - the weather windows were so short or just not existing at all.
The next day's looking good - la grande Julie with the very German surname Gerecht will join me tomorrow and we are planning to leave the dock on Tuesday.

HÂTE !!!!!! Stay tuned pour la suite!